After having built few smaller prototypes of walking machines, basing on a drawing of Quadropoda from 1994 Quadropod I have decided to built a walking machine to which you can get into as if it were a car. That could be driven as if it were a car, which could be driven by a human via similar mechanisms to a car, using a steering-wheel, accelerator and breaks. So on, in March 2010, in my private garage, the PROJECT X was started. Thanks to that, the concept “AT-PT Quadropod” (All Terrain-Personal Transporter) was created. My main goals were to built a walking machine, controlled as if it was a car and to concentrate myself on its walking abilities and perfect coordination. Unfortunately, the lack of budget and time were decisive... the results of my work are visible in the attached photographs.

Quadropod Concept is constructed from an aluminum frame (approx. length 1,6m weight 0,85 m) on which an armchair is set (it can be simply moved) and a steering-wheel with a navigating tablet. The system weight approximately 45 kilograms. There are four two-parts legs attached to each frame – also made of aluminum. Each leg contains a steel feet. Power units are four engines of direct current with bevel-gear differential. On the axis of each motor a potencjometr is set, that gives the position of a leg. The system has no possibility to turn – it has been planed by adding four additional engines. Tested “load capacity” of Quadropod is approximately 20 kg. The previous version of Quadropod had an accumulator and a navigation system electronics. I also added the lightening to the frame. The navigation of the Quadropood will be possible by the use of a steering-wheel, accelerator and and electronic brake. Tree navigating algorithms were planned: a step forward, stopping and parking. The navigation electronics is based on stem H and microprocessor system linked with a basic i2c net. A central unit was not taken into consideration. Unfortunately, during the works, it occurred that the scale of technical and financial problems is huge. The frame appeared to be too weak to carry the weight of a human – it was needed to strengthen it and re-weld. The engine of the led occurred to be too both too weak and small. To maintain the balance and to move the leg, they would have to be straighten, that is the reason why the leg moving system as in AT-UT needs to be implemented.

The subject was not cancelled and if I can gather the appropriate measures Project X will be resumed ...

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