Grzegorz Góralczyk (Greg)
Kraków, Poland


Questions and comments please direct to the address:

At the moment it is possible to build UT -50 or TT-50 on request. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap device due to the high quality of components used in the construction . Please also note that this product is a ' garage ' one and is not recommended for beginner model makers although I made every effort to make this item nuanced. The cost of building of the UT- 50 is 3.400 USD, TT-70 3.500$ and possibly the cost of LiPo battery charger (about 100 USD). The cost does not include shipping courier. The construction time is about 5 - 7 weeks and depends on the availability of components. Conditions will be agree individually after sending an email (gentleman's agreement). I give a 3-month warranty for the device. UT-50 is built from standard components, which can be purchased at any good model shop in the case of failure. The total income will be donated to the expansion of my 'lab' and realization of new ideas.

You should also remember about my bad English - but I can reply each email with simple words.

Any form of support is more than welcome. Also can donate any amount on project accout: 48 1240 1431 1111 0000 1050 9106

Best Regards