UT-100 'Quadropod' is based on the former concept AT-UT 'Quadrop'. It is thought as a universal, big walking platform of general use equipped only with a drive enabling motion of the machine, electronic ‘core’ enabling giving commands to actuators and a few general algorithms (start, stop, turn, park), which the user can activate. UT-100 UT doesn’t contain any kind of intelligence and is thought as an electro-mechanical platform – a base for your own projects. The user can equip UT with additional sensors, such as a video camera, set of sensors and a master unit - a PC, a tablet, raspberry pi, arduino etc.

UT-100 is built on a aluminum, welded frame (50x20x2 mm profile), to which four legs have been added. The two-unit leg is fixed directly to a motor shaft. A DC engine with a bevel gear serves as a drive of the leg . UT-100 has got a mechanism to lift the leg, which is built on thrust bearings and a simple screw mechanism (a concept with the use of a ball screw has been taken into consideration, but the solution appeared to be very expensive). The mechanism of turning the leg is based on ball bearings (they support the weigh of the leg) and a small engine DC with a planetary gear. An important part of the system is a swinging foot which can additionally rotate, enabling the machine to maneuver.

As a drive I used 12v DC engines (target 24v) with a angle gearheads (ease of control, a good ratio of weight / power). On the axis of each engine a potentiometer is mounted, which depicts the position of the leg. Eventually the power will be supplied from a 12v (target 24v) battery LiFePO4.

Electronic units are based on H-bridges and two Arduino Mega, that control the system and have a set of steering commands and a collection of basic algorithms. All controlling electronics, covered with aluminum casing, is placed on sides of the system. In addition, a tilt sensor is mounted that cuts off the power supply in case of a loss of balance or a fall.

UT-100 has a set of universal commands that you can use to write your own algorithms of movement. The most important of these are:
SET_POS (setting the actuator position),
GET_POS (downloading the current position),
STOP (stopping the actuator),
SET_SPEED (setting the velocity),
CALL_PROC (calling the procedure / algorithm).
The set of movements should be recorded in the master unit (a laptop, a tablet, etc..), which constantly communicates with the UT-100 (Arduino Mega) setting another sequence of movements to perform, or by calling a built-in algorithm. Users can save their own algorithms movements and share them with the others. In addition, UT-100 has several built-in algorithms that you can directly execute: MOVE (move of the selected actuator to the desired position), RUN (synchronous movement of several actuators to the desired position), ZERO (the position on straight legs), TEST (test the system), WALK (straight forward movement), LEFT,RIGHT (turning).

Of course, not everything works perfectly now, but in general the UT-100 appears to be a successful project. UT-100 has a number of drawbacks, which will be eliminated in the next version v2 - first of all we will try to reduce weight and increase rigidity.

(2013 dec. 11) Unfortunately still the most important drawback is too large mass (about 20 kg or 50 percent of the weight), which is caused by the weight of electric engines (63 percent of weight). At the moment, excessive weight prevents the free movement.

Weigth 40 kg (18 lb)
Length 1.1 m (43 in)
Width 0,6 m (23,5 in)
Height 1.1 m (43 in)
Legs Two parted four legs, turn mechanizm (axis turn), leg lift 55mm (2.15 in)
Frame Aluminium
Drivers Electrics DC motors with gearbox (angle gearheads, Planetary gearheads)
Number of motors 16
Supply 12V DC, 10Ah LiFePO4
planned capacity 7 kg
Electronics H-Bridges 12A, Potentiometer feedback
Control Unit Two Arduino Mega 128 with universal command set
Sensors 3 axis accelerometer

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